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Ruz Reviews: RED V-Raptor ST

What’s up, everyone! Thanks for tuning in to this month's “Ruz Reviews”. Today we will be reviewing the ALL NEW RED V-Raptor ST camera in this latest blog post:

Calling all camera nerds, gear heads, and filmmakers! On September 1st, RED released an exceptional new brain to their ultimate line of cinema cameras. The new RED V-Raptor ST is an absolute powerhouse that may just take over the industry.

The RED V-Raptor ST has a 35.4MP FULL FRAME, rolling shutter sensor with the ability to record 8K REDCODE RAW footage at a whopping 120FPS… Yes, you read that right. An even more impressive spec about this camera is its size. Weighing only 4 LBS and having the dimensions of 6.1in x 4.3in x 4.3in, it is slightly bigger than the RED Komodo. Last but not least, this camera is capable of capturing over 17 stops of dynamic range which is beyond impressive.

Another interesting aspect of this camera would include the spec that it has a Canon RF lens mount. Something RED first implemented with the RED Komodo, which was released earlier this year. In terms of media storage, the V-Raptor ST stores data on the all new CFexpress cards at up to 800MB/s (almost a gigabyte per second). This camera also is powered by V-Mount batteries, but the interface is made to be used ideally with Micro V-Mount. It can, of course, be powered by other sources via its 11–17V 6-pin DC-IN connection.

With the price tag starting at $24,500, you can get all of these specs in such a beautiful, compact, and revolutionary camera body. RED also has the option to select the “starter pack” which includes the V-RAPTOR ST camera body, DSMC3 RED Touch 7” LCD display, a RED Pro CFExpress 660GB card and reader, two REDVOLT Micro-V batteries, a RED Compact Dual V-Lock charger, two V-RAPTOR Wing Grips and a RED EXT-to-Timecode cable (3’) and is available for $29,579.99.

If you are someone in the market for a new cinema camera, and if your wallet agrees with your needs, the V-Raptor ST would be a great addition to your camera family. If you are looking for more information, visit RED’s website at or check out B&H Photo for purchasing Hope you enjoyed this Ruz Review! Be on the lookout for next month's blog post. Looking forward to seeing you all here soon again!

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