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About Us

Our Mission

At The Diamond Eye… We have a team full of innovative, creative minds that elevate the user's viewing experience and inspire artists to do the same around the world.

Diamonds are forever, and so is art.

Create something today!



production company

Our mission is providing creative solutions to brands, companies, and networks wherever the void is.

We can take your idea, and transform it into reality. Contact us to bring your vision to life!

A Note From The Founders

Welcome to The Diamond Eye! As the founders, Dylan Rusniak and Malcolm ConcepT, we personally would like to thank you for stopping by. This company is creating a new age and new era for content creators of all kinds. All Art Matters… never lose sight of WHY you create. Diamonds are not made in one day, and neither is art. It takes time to create greatness! Be patient, trust your process, and learn everyday you work on your craft. We are here to support you, and we are here to see you shine.


Join The Diamond Eye TODAY! #TheDiamondEye #Created2Create #TDECollective

Dylan Rusniak   and    Malcolm Concept

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